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Since its founding in 2002, JWF has been a force for change. From around the corner to around the world, the JWF has made a difference in the lives of thousands of women and girls through its support of many organizations. The women of JWF have been a force of positive change and have seen the impact of their grants on:

• Girls understanding positive dating relationships and gaining self-esteem

• Women in Israel desperate to receive an official legal divorce

• Reducing domestic and international human trafficking

• Advocating for gender equality and healthcare issues

• Enhancing the quality of life for seniors

• And much more….




Venita Ackerman
Madeline Anbinder
Maite Arnedo
Nancy Baer

Tami Baldinger

Eunice Baros
Arlene Bearman
Marjorie Berg
Judy Bergman
Eileen Berman
Sandra Bornstein
Staci Brenner*

Diana Brody
The Honorable Ann Brown
Cynthia Brown
Francine Cole*
Linda Cortell Benjamin
Julie Cummings



Ellen Falk
Gloria Fine
Marjorie Fink
Sharyn Frankel
Edith Gelfand

Maxine Goldblum
Doris Pearlman Goldenberg*
Muriel Greenblatt

Leslye M. Heisler*
Michelle Jacobson
Mona Joffe
Lynn Kaston
Nancy G. Katz*
Barbara G. Kay
Arlene Kline
Sandra Krakoff
Nini Krever
Shirley Kullen



Heather Lazarus
Vivian Lieberman
Michelle Wasch Lobovits

Vicki Loring

Paula Lustbader
Dianne Meckler
Barbara Mines
Laura Munder
Anita Neiman
Paula Newmark
Elaine Parks
Nancy Richter
Felice Rosen
Selma Rosen
Baylie Rosenberg

Dundi Sachs
Kristen Sacks
Lisa Schneider



Lisa Schreier
Audrey Schwartz
Judith Selzer
Adele Shamban
Carol Sherman
Phyllis Shuster

Dr. Shirley Siff

Susan Silberstein
Hope Silverman
Joanne Singer
Caryl Siskin
Terry Sobel*

Sydelle Sonkin
Diane Tohn
Helene Weingarten
Audrey Wintman*
Barbara Zimet


*Of blessed memory   |   Bold = Founding Trustee



JWF Chair: Judith Selzer
JWF Executive Director: Tami Baldinger
Grants Committee Chair: Vivian Lieberman
Advocacy/Education Chair: Paula Lustbader
Fundraising/Development Chair: Nini Krever
Marketing/Visibility Chair: Gloria Fine
At large: Kristen Sacks
At large: Hope Silverman
Immediate Past Chair: Gloria Fine
Founding Chair: Eileen Berman



Our work is based on Jewish values including Tzedakah (Justice), Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World), and Gemillut Chassadim (Acts of Loving Kindness). We strive to uphold Jewish values as individuals and as an organization. Our relationships thrive when we work with individuals, partners, and organizations that share these values. Our values serve as a reminder of how we strive to work together and accomplish our goals.

  • Promote Respect, Caring, Support, and Tolerance

  • Establish Effective Communication

  • Foster Collaboration and Cooperation

  • Pursue the Qualities of a Successful Leader

  • Be Optimistic: We are working to change the world and we are proud of the work we do




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Your gift to the Jewish Women's Foundation is able to provide funds to organizations that benefit women and girls in the Jewish community in the greater Palm Beaches, Israel and the former Soviet Union.